LVMA 18 Fan Ballot Nominees

Congratulations to all those selected.

LVMA 18 Fan Ballot

Outstanding Album of 2016

Desire – “The Fires of Desire”
Liz Nordstom Band – “Born”
Victim – “Here’s To You”
Doubting Thomas- “Doubting Thomas”
Scott Marshall – “Faith Hope Music and Love”
Shawn Cav Ensemble – “Glass Houses”
Sunsets North – “out_of_CTRL”
Summer Scouts – “Furthest Reach”

Outstanding Song of 2016

Brian Dean Moore Band – “Chosen”
Victim – “Allentown”
Scott Marshall (Doug Lapp) – “Hope On The Cross”
Liz Nordstrom Band – “Winter Wind”
Chelsea Lyn Meyer – “This One’s On You”
Copper Fields – “So Wrong Its Right”
Andrew Mark Schaffer – “Pumpkin Patch”

Outstanding Video of 2016

Faith Gabrielle – “Daddy’s Little Girl” Video
Liz Nordstrom Band – “Winter Wind” Video
The Beautiful Distortion – “Voices” Video
Roi and the Secret People – “Phoenix” Video
Brian Dean Moore Band – “Chosen” Video
Cedar Green – “Stormy Weather” Video
Andrew Mark Schaffer – “My Sunshine (Live @ Rivals)” Video

Outstanding Music Website of 2016

Outstanding Club/Mobile DJ of 2016

Cap Cee
JJ Sands
Freddie Fredericks Jr.
DJ JimmyK
Tom Taylor
Rockin Rameley
Mr Maybe

Outstanding Open Format/Urban DJ of 2016

DJ Jamal Knight
DJ Zee
Dj Gemeni
DJ Discreet
DJ Menace
Dj Ivo
Dj Miguel Mix

Outstanding Volunteer of 2016

Chelsea Lyn Meyer
Lori Lee
Frank Erceg
Dustin Schoof
John Haas
Carter Lansing
Gerard Longo

Outstanding College/Community Radio Station of 2016

88.1 WDIY
91.7 WMUH
90.3 WXLV
91.3 WLVR
90.3 WESS

Outstanding College/Community Radio Personality of 2016

Dave Fry
AJ Fritz
Professor Socrates
Tom Druckenmiller
Tammy Tuckey
Jason Hedrington
Rich Gensiak

Outstanding Commercial Radio Station of 2016

96.1 Cat Country
99.9 The Hawk
95.1 WZZO
104.1 B104
100.7 WLEV
Spin Radio 107.1

Outstanding Commercial Radio Personality of 2016

Rick Michaels – 99.9 The Hawk
Bearman and Keith – 95.1 WZZO
Becca & Malone – 96.1 Cat Country
Mitch – 99.9 The Hawk
Becker – Spin Radio 107.1
Mike Becker – 107.1 Spin

Outstanding Internet/Cable Radio Station of 2016

Fyre & Ice
Rocking the Valley
The Balcony
The Quinn Spinn

Outstanding Internet/Cable Radio Personality of 2016

Tracie Lovett & Amy Danner
Phil Stahl
Ann Thatcher
Steve Jones
Ned Richards
Kevin Farkas
Gerard Longo

Outstanding High School Marching Band of 2016

Easton Area High School
Liberty High School
Freedom High School
Parkland High School
Bangor High School
Nazareth Area High School
Whitehall High School

Outstanding Band/Duo of 2016

Scott Marshall & Marshall’s Highway
Brian Dean Moore Band
2 Girls and a Sax
The Large Flowerheads
Chelsea Lyn Meyer Band
Bobby Clark Band
Serene Green

Outstanding Singer/Songwriter of 2016

Brian Dean Moore
Jordyn Kenzie
Chelsea Lyn Meyer
Leah Marie Fuls
Scott Marshall
Andrew Mark Schaffer
Bobby Clark

Outstanding Female Artist of 2016

Chelsea Lynn Meyer
Liz Nordstrom
Jordyn Kenzie
Kristen Morgenstern
Allie Santos
Jillian Rossi
Leah Marie Fuls

Outstanding Male Artist of 2016

Tommy Zito
Brian Dean Moore
Greg Geist
Mike Roi
Andrew Mark Schaffer
Bobby Clark
Scott Marshall

Outstanding All Around Performer of 2016

Tommy Zito
Brian Dean Moore
Chelsea Lyn Meyer
Andrew Mark Schaffer
Scott Marshall
Leah Marie Fuls
Bobby Clark

Outstanding Child Performer of 2016

Sadie Sedlock
Julie Williams
Bryant Sedlock

Outstanding Youth/Teenage Performer of 2016

Julia Sommer
Project 3 Squared
Miranda Hoehn
Molly Campbell
Grant Sedlock
Jacqui Armbruster
Carly Schwenger
Jordyn Kenzie

Outstanding Karaoke Venue of 2016

The Tally Ho
The Gin Mill
Pearly Baker’s
Steel Pub
Mixx Nightclub
Hill to Hill Grille

Outstanding Performance Venue of 2016

Molten Lounge
Godfrey Daniels
Sands Bethlehem Event Center
Steel Pub
The Gin Mill
Chicago/Club Gravity

Outstanding Open Mic Venue/Host of 2016

Godfrey Daniels
Chelsea Lyn Meyer
Phil Stahl
The Wooden Match
Carter Lansing
Andy Killcoyne
Scott Harrington

Outstanding Open Jam Venue/Host of 2016

The Wooden Match
The Leather Corner Post
The Funhouse
The BC Combo Jam
Connie Edinger and Tom Marchak
Andy Killcoyne

Fan’s Choice Award of 2016

Brian Dean Moore
Jordyn Kenzie
Chelsea Lyn Meyer
Scott Marshall
Larry Werner
Bobby Clark
Leah Marie Fuls

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